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Our Planning Process

Getting from here to there using our process.

Call us crazy, but we are a stickler for the planning process. There is simply no better way to help ensure that you will achieve your goals. Together with your Penn Mutual Wealth Strategies professional, you will move confidently through our planning process. Your speed depends on your situation and goals; however, we are confident it is the shortest distance between here and success.

  1. Discovery
    • Learning what is important to you personally and financially
    • Determining lifestyle needs throughout your lifetime
    • Assessing your willingness to take financial risk
    • Clarifying your vision, values and time horizon
    • Defining your personal definition of financial success
    • Collection of financial data and estate documents
  2. Analysis of
    • Your current financial position, strengths and weaknesses
    • The adequacy of your protection planning
    • Suitability, expenses and performance of your investments
    • Efficiency of your tax planning
    • The benefits offered by your employer
    • The gap, if any, between where you are and where you want to be financially
  3. Development
    • Creating the long-term wealth strategies that can move you closer to your definition of financial success
    • Specific recommendations on alterations and/or additions to your current plan
    • Creation of an investment policy statement
    • Recommendations by other team specialists (attorney, accountant, etc.) as needed
  4. Implementation
    • Putting your custom designed plan into action
    • Repositioning investment assets as needed
    • Purchasing the recommended financial products
    • Acting on recommendations of other team specialists
  5. Ongoing Support 
    • Review • Assess • Adjust
    • As needed at least on an annual basis

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