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20 Aug
Special Planning For Life Workshop


Special Planning For Life Workshop

Living for today, while planning for the future

We understand that special needs planning is complex. That’s why we’ve designed a workshop to help simplify it for you.
This workshop will provide you with actionable insights about financial and legal issues that can help you protect and plan for the future of your loved one with special needs.

John Norman CLU, ChFC specializes in working with families who have children or other dependents with special needs. In this informative session, John will cover:
- How to Protect Government Benefit Eligibility
- Legal and Financial Issues that Pertain to your Child's Future
- Quality of Life and Lifetime Care

This presentation is for educational purposes only and should not be considered as specific financial, legal or tax advice. © 2021 The Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company, Philadelphia, PA 19172,
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Date and Time

Fri, Aug 20, 2021

2:00p - 3:00p CST


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